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Maintaining your air ducts is an essential part of a home’s upkeep. It is recommended to clean your air ducts periodically to ensure that there isn’t too much accumulation of dust which can lower air quality over time. At EZ Air Duct, we offer air duct cleaning and dry cleaning services in Fort Worth, TX to help ensure the community a great service.

When to clean air ducts

Apart from accumulated dust, there are many other reasons why your air duct may need a thorough cleaning. Some of the reasons are:


There is mold inside the air ducts that are hard to remove. These pests are very stubborn, and they stick to the hard surface of the ducts. However, no matter how stubborn they are, we can remove and clean the air ducts and make them mold-free.


Some of the air ducts are infested with various vermin such as insects and rodents. They create their home using twigs and leaves from plants and other items. Blocked air ducts don’t allow free passage of air into the rooms. Our team can inspect the condition of the air ducts and remove the rodents and insects breeding inside.


The air ducts are often clogged with debris, dust, and dirt. Houses near main roads often have air ducts that are full of dust, and if you don’t get them cleaned, the rooms in the house will feel suffocating. Our experts offer top-notch air duct cleaning with the latest machines that can clean the ducts thoroughly to keep your air system running smoothly.

How we clean air ducts

EZ Air Duct is one of the most experienced duct cleaners in the industry. Our state of the art tools allow our staff to clean your air ducts, leaving not a single particle inside. The staff is well-trained, and all of them are certified. We believe that if your air ducts are clean, they can improve the efficiency of the heating or cooling system in the house. The technique that we follow in cleaning air ducts are as follows:


Step 1

Our staff will first inspect the air ducts. If the duct is at an unreachable position, we use small cameras to check the area of the blockage. This allows us to strategize on how to clean the ducts. 


step 3

We use the vacuum system until all the contaminants are cleaned. Our staff will pull out the debris from the ducts and also from the filtration system. This brings back the clean air in your house again.


step 2

Once we are aware of the location of the blockage, the experts will connect a highly powerful vacuum system near the air duct. Depending on the type of blockage, we can use commercial-grade cleaners to break the contaminants in the air duct. Sometimes the debris is too hard to break. In such cases, we use commercial tools to clean the ducts.


step 4

After the cleaning is complete, we seal all the access holes so that your air ducts look like new.

Dryer vent cleaning services

We offer comprehensive dryer vent cleaning so that the dryer doesn’t interfere in drying the clothes. Our staff can clean the lint that builds inside the dryer vent. 

Sometimes, there is too much lint inside and the clothes take an eternity to dry. This is a signal that your dryer vent is not working properly. EZ Air Duct is just a call away from reaching your location, cleaning the dryer vent. We recommend you to get the dryer vent cleaned once a year to make sure it works efficiently. 

Our team follows a decontamination cleaning process that removes all the debris and lint inside the dryer vent. If there is too much debris trapped inside, we use a negative pressure machine to suck all the lint that clears the vent completely.

Why choose us?

EZ Air Duct has years of experience in working with air ducts. We are a passionate team who think about customer satisfaction more than anything else. Over the years, we have improved our services. The use of latest machines is an example of why we take our job seriously. You can trust us to provide the best service compared to any other company:

Some of the qualities that set us apart are:

We are a company that focuses on exceptional customer service. Whether it is dry cleaning or air duct cleaning, we make sure that our customers are fully satisfied with our service.


We are a fully-certified and licensed company that also provides worker’s compensation. EZ Air Duct wants all its employees to stay safe, and if any of them gets injured while working, we will take the 
responsibility to pay for their medical bills. 


We are always trying to get better with every service that we provide. Our unique system of cleaning air ducts is more effective than traditional methods.

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